Kindle Edition of What Dawn Eats is Available

I finally found some extra time over my holiday vacation to finish formatting What Dawn Eats for the Kindle! The Kindle edition is now available on Amazon for only $9.99.

I took the time to do a bit of reformatting and build a proper table of contents with links to most sections of the cookbook, so it should be fairly easy to use on the Kindle. The nice thing about having a cookbook in an electronic format, like the Kindle, is that you can easily search for a specific recipe or favorite ingredient.

You can also get What Dawn Eats in other formats:

  • Amazon Kindle edition for $9.99
  • Printed Paperback copy for $12.99
  • Electronic PDF version for $12.99

I know you have some Amazon gift certificates that you are dying to spend on books for that new Kindle that you got over the holidays 🙂

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